Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Merging items with same title in gantt view in Sharepoint

Today, got a challenge with Sharepoint where a user wanted to see multiple entries in a gannt view in Sharepoint. Below is the jquery magic you can use in a CEWP.

function docready() {

var row = [];
var ix=0;

$('tr.ms-ganttTaskRow th').each(
  function() {
    row[ix] = $(this).parent();

for(ix=1; ix< row.length; ix++){
   var $prevrow = row[ix].prev();
   var prevtxt = $prevrow.find('th').text();
   var curtxt  = row[ix].find('th').text();
   if (prevtxt == curtxt) {
     var colix =0;
       function() {
         var ht = $(this).html();
         if (ht.length > 0){



Explanation of the code:

  1. Trigger the docready on load
  2. Store all the rows in an jquery array for easy processing
  3. Walk through the rows array starting from second item and match the row header with previous row, if so, copy the contents of the columns to the row above and remove after processed.
There is only one catch, the gantt view needs to be sorted on the row header column.

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Anonymous said...

this doesnt work with Sharepoint 2010