Thursday, January 15, 2009

jQuery 1.3 issue/bug

First of all congrats to the jQuery team with the new 1.3 release, however maybe it is me only.. but it doesn't work. I have downloaded it used it on my test sites and none of them work: there is an issue in the jQuery code.

So I checked and the same issue..(in IE7 and FF3)

Now I was interested what went wrong, downloaded dev version, checked the error message:

Line 2097 seemed the issue:

div.appendChild( document.createElement('Comment').data = "" );

I guess appendChild assumes an Element object, however:

document.createElement('Comment').data = ""

returns an empty string. Removing the .data="" fixes the issue for now, but I have no idea how it will effect the rest of the code.
I can't imagine that jQuery team released a non working version! Am i doing something wrong or do more people have this issue?

I still have some other pages which gives errors on events, but first a smoke :)

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